A Honeymoon to Remember

A Honeymoon to Remember

When planning your honeymoon, you want everything to be perfect. However, after going through all the planning from the wedding, how much detail do you really want to go over? When planning a trip to paradise, sit back and enjoy the deep blue sea as you come to learn how easy it is to fall in love with KutaLombok

Relaxation After the Wedding

Getting a massage, while looking out at the beach, is an extremely relaxing venture. Let all the stress of dealing with vendors, family and mother’s go as you have the tension eased out of your muscles. It is amazing where we can hold tension. While you may not notice it a massage therapist will be able to get those knots from under your shoulder blades which have been keeping your shoulders held up near your ears. Start your honeymoon with a relaxing massage from Sari Inn and you will be able to breathe easy for the rest of your trip.

Knowing You Will Eat Well

The restaurants in Kuta are very relaxed. Come here and have a chef create a masterpiece for you. With fresh, local ingredients you do not have to go far to find a taste of paradise. Along with the restaurants on the island the chef at Sari Inn can create all your meals for you. Stay in your room and have romantic one on one dinners every night of your stay. Along with our chef, some of the fine fare you may want to try includes a visit to:

  • Full Moon Café
  • Dwikis Café
  • Breeze Café

Romantic Island Getaways

While you should certainly spend a few days on the beach, there are many romantic spots on KutaLombok. Head underwater to find other worlds when you book a snorkeling tour. The shallows on the East Coast Beach have stunning aquatic life to explore. For a more grand adventure take a day trip to the Mayura Water Palace. This complex, covered in mangosteen trees is at once a sight to see and a bit of silence to behold.

Let You Honeymoon be an Adventure

A good mix of adventure and relaxation will fill your honeymoon with stories to share with friends and family as well as down time to connect with your new spouse. Try things you never have. Hike Mount Rinjani or go surfing for the first time. A honeymoon does not have to be all candlelit dinner and whispered conversations. You can be brave and you will have the perfect person there to hold your hand.

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