Golfing in Kuta, Lombok

Golfing in Kuta, Lombok

While some people are looking for a place to sit on the beach when on holiday, some look for a greener place. Looking for long stretches of green in Kuta, Lombok should lead you to some of the finest golf courses around. Not only will you be able to soak up some sun and see the stunning Mount Rinjani but you will be able to work on your game and get a hole in one. Golfing on holiday on Kuta, Lombok and having your best game will lead you to a whole new paradise.

A Challenge for All

Find out how much you can get your game under par when you take on the challenge at the Lombok Kosaido Golf Club. This 18-hole course was created by the amazing Michael Wolveridge and Perrett and Peter Thompson. The way that the green waves on the terrain will make you think that this space was man made, as everything flows together. Begin the course as you gaze out over the beach and end the game as you tackle the mountain of this course while looking up at Mount Rinjani.

Bring Your Family and Friends

One of the obstacles that golfers run into, besides the sand traps, is your family not wanting you to spend so much time on the green. However, at the G.E.C. Rinjani Golf Country Club you will be able to spend time out on this 18-hole course while your family hits the swimming pool and gazes out at Senggigi beach. When they fall in love with the amenities at this course you will be able to fall in love with the green designed by Jack Nicklaus.

Practice in the Sand

In your downtime from the fairway, practice getting out of the sand on the sand. As many of the beaches in Kuta, Lombok offer a place to stretch out during the week, you can set up your own sand trap. Bring your favourite club and head to Kuta Beach. Spend time working on your stance, your swing and keeping your shoulders over your hips. When you have spent time in the sand a normal sand trap at your courses back home will seem like a walk in the park, or on the beach.

Golfing in Kuta, Lombok

Golfing is a wonderful way to spend time. You are getting sun, exercise and letting the spreadsheets fall away. Listen to the green, listen to the waves and let your caddy be your guide.

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