Kuta Beach Over Time

Kuta Beach Over Time

In this post we are displaying photos of Kuta Beach over time. These photos are from travel bloggers and others who have visited or lived in the area and have given permission for us to use the photos.

Also be sure to check out our blog stats and trends post to see some statistics about the number of blog posts about Kuta, Lombok over time.

Looking East

Kuta Beach, Lombok

May 2014 – Photo courtesy of limbonis.com


May 2014 – Photo courtesy of faztravelog.wordpress.com

Kuta Beach

June 2014 – Photo courtesy of momtraveler.com

Kuta Beach

June 2014 – Photo courtesy of tohercore.com

Looking West

Kuta Beach

May 2014 – Photo courtesy of limbonis.com


June 2014 – Photo courtesy of momtraveler.com

Middle / Looking Out

Kuta BeachMay 2013 – Photo courtesy of theflowtrells.wordpress.com


May 2014 – Photo courtesy of faztravelog.wordpress.com

Kuta BeachJune 2014 – Photo courtesy of momtraveler.com


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