Festivals on Lombok

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Throughout the year there are many festivals on Lombok. Many of these are in honor of Gods or Goddesses of the Indonesian people. One of the biggest festivals of the year is the Bau Nyale Festival in Kuta which celebrates the first signs of the nyale sea worms. This festival is in honor of legend of Princess Mandalika.

According to the story, King Seg made the local men fight for her hand in marriage. The princess was against all the fighting and threw herself into the sea. She said she would return to the village on the 20th day of the 10th month. She never returned, but the sea worms showed up, glowing, in her place.

The main part of the festival is the catching and eating of the worms which is to bring beauty and virility. Along with this tradition there is a cultural parade, traditional Gendang Beleq music and great food. The Bau Nyale Festival runs in March based off of the Sasak calendar.

Other Festivals in Lombok Include

  • Pawai Ogoh-ogoh: New Year’s festival to purify and neutralize bad spirits
  • Male’an Sampi at Narmada: Cattle races through the mud before the planting season
  • Gendang Beleq Festival Senggigi: Local dance to welcome important visitors
  • Senggigi Festival: July festival to promote Lombok culture and tourism
  • Ngaturang Pekelam: Yearly offering of gratitude to God at Mount Rinjani’s Lake Segara Anak
  • Perang Topat at Lingsar Temple: Rice cake war in November or December to thank God for a plentiful soil

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