Planning an Itinerary with Kids

Planning an Itinerary with Kids

When traveling to KutaLombok, you should plan your itinerary. Decide what activities you will do so that you can maximize your time in this secret paradise. When traveling with children it is important to find family friendly activities which will help build the memories which will last a lifetime. When you are out and about with your family, consider these activities.

A Day at the Beach

Planning to spend a day at the beach is as simple as it sounds. Take some time out to turn off all the electronics and simply spend time with family. At Serenting Beach there is lots of room for wading in the water. Some of the activities you may wish to plan for your day at the beach include:

  • Star Fish Hunting in Low Tide
  • Build Sand Castles
  • Spot Fishing Boats
  • Sunbathe
  • Learn to Swim

Additional beaches you may wish to visit are Kuta Beach, Seger Beach and Mawun.

Test Your Core

Learning to surf is one of the joys of being on holiday. When you head back home you can surf over the weekends and remind yourself of the calm which came over you when you first learned to connect with the waves. Taking your children to surf is at once challenging and rewarding. You will see them struggle to get the board to do what they want. Eventually you will see the joy in their little faces as they learn to not conquer the wave, but to ride the wave. Great places to surf in KutaLombok include:

  • Gerupuk
  • Aik Guling

Share the Sights

When you bring your children to a new place for the first time it is a great idea to sneak in some learning with all the fun. Taking the kids on a tour of Lombok helps them to connect with the area and get a sense for another culture without knowing they are learning. When back in school when studying geography or history your children will have a greater world view and be able to link personal experience to what they are reading in their textbooks.

At Sari Inn we have a great tour guide on staff. He will take you around the island on a day trip which will bring you to waterfalls, mountains and some of the finest craftspeople around.

Make Your Trip Fun for the Whole Family

When on holiday no matter where you go, take into account everything your entire family wants to do. Break up your activities so that everyone can get a sense of what they were looking for out of the trip. You are in paradise and to some that may mean lying on the beach while to others it may mean tasting the cuisine. Making sure everyone is included in the planning, makes the trip more exciting.

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