The Wonders of Kuta, Lombok

The Wonders of Kuta, Lombok

Kuta, Lombok is something of a hidden gem. People come here rather than Kuta, Bali to get away from it all. When you are looking for stunning beaches, great surfing and a calm place for holiday, this is a dream destination. Additionally, with the new Lombok International Airport which has come to town not only is getting here easier, but there are a few more amenities.

Bringing People and Places

The new airport in Lombok not only makes it easier to get here on holiday, but there is now an increase in business. Where once there may have only been one restaurant or warung on the Main Street side of Kuta, there are now quite a few places to dine and shop. For those that like to take an afternoon off from tanning this is a pleasant turn of events.

However, do not expect the bustling streets of Kuta, Bali. The restaurants still keep that local feel. The introduction of neon lights and revolving doors may be many years off. For now enjoy the increase in plates from local chefs, increase in vendors of bracelets and linens and an increase in traffic from guests of local homestays.

More Development in the Works

While Kuta, Lombok may never be like Kuta, Bali you can expect to see more and more development. The airport will surely bring an increase in revenue. The possible plan for development could be raised from the Bali Tourist Development Corporation and the Pacific Asian Travel Association. In the works there are whispers of golf courses, underwater parks and even a race track. This beautiful area has much to offer and you can be sure that when the developers see it, they will want to be a part of it.

Though Change May Not Be Quick

There is a simplicity about Kuta, Lombok that people like. The beaches being swept in the morning with the help of cattle, store signs being hand drawn on surfboards and local fish being smoked and then sold from large laundry style baskets are what gives this area a certain charm. People come here because it is not Kuta, Bali. The visitors here are not interested in shopping for hours and then partying at the bar. The people who come here are interested in the drowsy attitude which makes Kuta, Bali what it is. To transform the area into one which is already known for the hustle and bustle of a big city would be a shame. This family destination is perfect for those with many kids or those thinking of starting out.

Come to Kuta, Lombok with ease thanks to the new airport and rest easy on the many stunning beaches.

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