Top ten things to do on Lombok Island

Top ten things to do on Lombok Island

A visit to Lombok Island is like a visit to paradise. With perfect weather and great beaches, there is nothing more relaxing. On Lombok Island you escape the hustle and bustle of Bali while enjoying the tropical oasis. When you book your stay at Sari Inn be sure to plan your itinerary so that you make a stop at one of these top destinations.

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Life Underwater

Diving at the Gili Islands

Divers will be amazed at the variation in sea life when diving off the Gili Islands. From manta rays to hawksbill turtles, you will see a whole new world off the West Coast of Lombok.

Diving on Gili Trawangan

Take in the Tapestry

As one on vacation commonly likes to do, you may want to find something to take home with you. A trip to Puyung in central Lombok will put you in the heart of the weaving village. Here visitors will find the most beautiful sarongs, wall hangings and ikats.

An Ancient Art

For those that collect pottery a trip to Banyumulek, Penujak and Masgagik are a must. In these villages you will find some of the most beautiful handmade pottery in the region. Return home with a work of art.

Play the Back Nine

Take in a wonderful and relaxing day of golf under the sun when you make a visit to Lombok Kosaido Golf Club. Following the contours of the land, these 18 holes will challenge and delight golf enthusiasts. Just try not to stay too long at hole number 4, as you overlook the pristine white beaches.

Be a Part of the Ring of Fire

Trekking up Mount Rinjani

If you have the time and the drive to make it to the top, you should certainly lace up your sneakers and visit Mount Rinjani. This active volcano on Lombok Island rises to a peak of 3,726 meters. In the highlands of the mountain you will find underdeveloped forests. At the lowlands you will see the production of strong Indonesian crops such as vanilla, coffee, soybeans and cinnamon.

Camping on Mount Rinjani Rim

A Day in the Village

Senaru – Traditional Sasak Village – Rural Village

No one can help you understand daily life like a local. Visit Senaru Village and have a local take you on a walking tour. As the locals are the cultural guardians of Mount Rinjani you will learn the history and meaning of the mountain along with seeing the beauty that it brings to the area.

Let the World Fall Away

Lombok Waterfalls at Senaru, Benang Stokel & Kelambu Waterfalls (pictured below)

The Senaru Waterfalls are a thing of beauty. When you are walking through a rather isolated part of the island and suddenly a roaring waterfall beckons you to come near you truly understand the scope and power of nature.

Benang Stokel & Kelambu Waterfalls

A Truly Holy Spot

The island of Lombok is a deeply spiritual one. You’ll see that the people here make their religion a priority of their daily life. When you are here make a point to stop at Pura Lingsar and linger for a moment. This temple was constructed in 1714 and is still home to observances today.

A Summer Garden

For those that cannot make it to the top of Gunung Rinjani, visit Taman Narmada to visit the miniature replica of the summits crater.

Relax and Revive

Of course, with a trip to Indonesia you should not spend every day trekking from place to place. Spend a day on the beach at Kuta Lombok. The soft sands, beach breezes and stunning water will be enough to help you forget about the stresses of daily life. On this day, turn everything off and enjoy those that you are with and the beauty that surrounds you.

Mawaun Swimming Beach Lombok

The perfect place to chill, relax and enjoy the sun, swimming and surf is in Kuta, Lombok. If you need a place to stay, check out our Villa and House at Sari Inn.

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Check out the Sari Inn Villa | Take a Look at the Sari Inn House

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