Architectural Sights on Lombok

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Lombok has a strong cultural background. Being in this area there are some stunning Hindu, Muslim and Sasak buildings. The architecture of the area is ornate and varies from low reflection ponds to tall statues to the Gods. For the shutter bug, the architecture student or the history buff, a tour of some of the landmarks on Lombok can bring hours of joy.

To bring a sense of community to the island, there is the temple of Pura Lingsar. Built in 1714 this holy place is not the site of just one denomination. Worshippers of many faiths such as Buddhist, Wektu Telu, Christian and Islam are welcome to pray. Lingsar is one of the most recognized spots on the island because of the festivals which happen here year round.

Inspired by the beauty of Mount Rinjani, Pura Narmada was built around 1805. This network of gardens and pools are wonderfully maintained and often the home of special performances.

In North Lombok, visitors can feel the calm and peace when they enter Pura Batu Bolong. This Hindu temple is home to what may have been virgin sacrifices as there is a hole near the base which leads to the sea.

Other Spots of Architectural Interest Include:

  • Batu Layar: Hindu Cemetery
  • Ampenan: Original Port to Lombok
  • Nusa Tenggara Barat Museum: Home for Cultural Artifacts

Tours of Architectural Interest Include:

Lombok Round Trip
West Lombok Tour
Lombok Sendand Gili Tour

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