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Update June 2018Please note that this information might be out of date as we haven’t had time to check and rewrite it. To get the latest and best tourism information, please consider staying at Sari Inn where our manager Hamy would be happy to take care of you. Hamy worked for the Lombok Tourism commission for twenty years and drove for the former presidential family. He speaks good English and remains one of the top experts on the area.

Known for pottery, basketry and pearls, Lombok island is a treasure trove for those seeking art. Whether you are looking to explore the wealth of the region and take home something for your home, looking to explore the art in the architecture or you are looking to watch as a master artist hard at work, Lombok has what you are looking for.

From pearls to parades, be sure to schedule some time on your holiday to visit some of the central areas for art and architecture near KutaLombok. Your tour guide should be able to show you the best crafters in the area and help you find the best deal for local art from local artists.

Places for Pottery in Lombok

  • Banyumulek Village
  • Senggigi
  • Mataram

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Places for Basketry in Lombok

  • Sakura
  • Senggigi
  • Sade

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Places for Architecture in Lombok

  • Mayura Water Palace
  • Lingsar
  • Floating Pavilion of Bale Kambang

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As you can see, Senggigi is a must on any travelers list when looking for art in Lombok. This area is known for the shopping. Many times you will see the women on the street on raised platforms working on baskets or throwing pots on a quickly rotating wheel. An item of art takes on a new significance when you can see the construction, the passion and the time which goes into the creation.

Mataram is another hot spot for art and shopping. In this capital area of Lombok, you will see a sea of creation. From freshwater strands of pearls to furniture, everything is here. During different times of the year there are different festivals which take place in this area. For each festival guests can learn some of the history of the area and discover why certain objects take on more meaning than others.

From the big cities to the small beach town of Kuta, art is everywhere on paradise.

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