Castles on Lombok

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With a rich religious heritage Lombok is home to some impressive castles and temples. These areas have a rich tradition springing from the stories behind them and the original intended use. While many are not home to Balinese kings anymore, there was a time when the daily majesty would have been epic. Taking the time to tour these spots gives indulgence to those looking to capture otherworldly images as well as those wishing to slip into another life and another century.

Mayura Water Palace is the floating kingdom of the Balinese built in 1744. This lush area is comprised of mazes of gardens and rivers.

Pura Meru built in 1720 for Balinese Prince Anak Agung Made Karang is the largest temple on Lombok. The 33 shrines inside the temple speak to the importance of this building to the Balinese. To this day there are yearly festivals here in November and December.

Built in the 16th century Pura Suranadi is the oldest of all the temples on Lombok. Built for Danghyang Nirartha, a Javanese Priest, this complex of three temples covers underground streams which are believed to bring up some of the most precious holy water on Lombok.

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