Climbing Mount Rinjani

Mount Rinjani TrekOne of the must see spots in Lombok for any traveler is Mount Rinjani. This active volcano is a place of worship among the people of Indonesia as well as a place of triumph. Some say that getting to the top and seeing Lombok from a height of 3,726 meters helps to put things into perspective.

You must go with a guide to climb Mount Rinjani. Most injuries and deaths on the mountain occur because tourists have chosen to climb the mountain without a guide. Even experienced climbers need a guide. There are many companies in Senaru where you can book trekking packages that include guides, porters, food, drink and gear.

You have a few booking options;

  • Book online or over the phone first – this is a must in high season but you’ll end up paying a premium because most companies aren’t savvy enough to be online
  • Book from your previous stop such as Kuta, the Gilis, Senggigi – if you negotiate you can get a good price and these packages will also include transport to the base camp and to your next destination after the trek
  • Make your own way to the Senaru (basecamp) and book a tour there – this is the cheapest option but also means you make to find your own transport which can be difficult


Porters Prepare a Meal
Porters Preparing a Meal

Most companies offer 1, 2 & 3 night treks to either the summit (~3,700 m) or the lake (~2,700 m). The packages include porters who will carry sleeping bags, mattresses, tents, food and water for the entirety of the journey. You should just bring a small backpack with clothes for the trip including warm clothes as it gets very cold at night.


Top Mount Rinjani Hiking Tours

Camping on Mount Rinjani Rim

Rinjani Crater Lake
The cool waters of the crater lake are great after the 3-5 hour hike down from the rim
Hot Springs Mount Rinjani
The dual hot spring waterfalls and pools are just a short walk from the crater lake
Sunset Above the Clouds Mount Rinjani
Sunset Above the Clouds on the crater rim

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