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Update June 2018Please note that this information might be out of date as we haven’t had time to check and rewrite it. To get the latest and best tourism information, please consider staying at Sari Inn where our manager Hamy would be happy to take care of you. Hamy worked for the Lombok Tourism commission for twenty years and drove for the former presidential family. He speaks good English and remains one of the top experts on the area.

A guided bike tour will take you through some of the most scenic and uncharted areas of Lombok. Riding through the rice fields and rows of garlic is not something which can easily be forgotten. For those who are up for a bit of a climb, taking on Pusuk Pass and the Monkey Forest for a stunning adventure.

Biking here on paradise should only be done by those who are physically fit. It is one thing to bike around the beaches and restaurants of Kuta and another to climb 800 meters to see the expansive Lombok views. If you do take this on be sure that your bike is properly fit at one of the local bike rental shops or by your tour guide.

Climbing the hills to see the blue waters of paradise is an accomplishment to be proud of. Be sure to take plenty of water, sunscreen and food so that you do not bonk out. At the end of your vacation you will have built muscle memory as well as happy memories.

Best Spots to see Lombok

  • Lingsar
  • Pusuk Pass
  • Monkey Forest
  • Mataram
  • Kuta

Best Tours

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