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As Lombok is a rather untouched paradise, heritage and history are around every corner. From the festivals which celebrate the sea worms to those which celebrate the Gods atop Mount Rinjani to the castles and temples which have been preserved for centuries,Lombok is meant to be studied and explored. Get ready for a trip back in time when you learn the history and heritage of Lombok.

One of the best ways to explore the history of a place is to look at its architecture. Studying a building will tell you about the craftspeople, the level of importance of different ideals in society and the symbols which have held through with meaning today.

Some of the top spots to see architecture in Lombok include:

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  • Temple of Pura Lingsar
  • Temple of Pura Narmada
  • Temple of Pura Batu Bolong
  • Hindu Cemetery or Batu Layar
  • Mayura Water Palace
  • Temple of Pura Meru
  • Temples of Pura Suranadi

Watching history unfold in Lombok is as simple as attending one of the many festivals which take place throughout the year. From the large Senggigi Festival supported by theLombok branch of Tourism to the religious sticky rice festival of Perang Ketuput, the locals hold fast to tradition.

When you are searching for heritage and history through events be sure you attend:

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  • Daily Prayer at bale Kambang
  • December Perang Ketuput Rice Festival
  • December Perang Topat at Lingsar Temple in honor of a plentiful harvest
  • February / March Nyale Festival celebrating the Nyale fish
  • April Desa Berish cleansing festival
  • June Pura Meru Hindu Festival
  • July Senggigi Festival

Additionally in the villages and towns learn by watching the locals as they go through their day. You will learn the importance of certain food, what different weaving techniques are and daily prayer times. 

Some of the best spots to observe daily heritage includes:

  • Senggigi
  • Mataram
  • Kuta Beach

Part of being on holiday is not just relaxing, but immersing yourself into another world.

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