Honeymoons on Lombok

Update June 2018Please note that this information might be out of date as we haven’t had time to check and rewrite it. To get the latest and best tourism information, please consider staying at Sari Inn where our manager Hamy would be happy to take care of you. Hamy worked for the Lombok Tourism commission for twenty years and drove for the former presidential family. He speaks good English and remains one of the top experts on the area.

Some say that the honeymoon is the best part of the wedding. When it is time to say bon voyage to friends and family and set off with the one you love, everything from the wedding is done. There is no more table arrangement planning, the flowers have come and gone, the dress was beautiful and is now at the cleaners and the stress from that one beautiful day is over. After the wedding it is time to connect with your sweetie and where better to do that than paradise!

For your honeymoon on Lombok there are several things to consider. How much time do you want to spend exploring the area compared to how much time you want to spend relaxing on the beach? This will help to determine where on Lombok you want to stay. There are some stunning bed and breakfasts walking distance to Kuta beach for those who want to relax. Whereas there are three to five day hiking tours to Mount Rinjani which would have you camping in a new spot every night.

Popular Honeymoon Packages Include:

Lombok Komodo Tour Honeymoon Package
Lombok Wedding Anniversary
Lombok Exotic Tour

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