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When spending time on holiday many people will talk about what shows they have seen. Going out to see a performance is something which brings joy, creates memories and welcomes guests into the culture of the area. When you are traveling in Lombok, there are many great opportunities to see performing art.

Performances in Lombok

  • Wayang Kulit: Shadow puppet performances
  • Gandrung Dance: A social performance where dancers invite spectators to come up and dance with them
  • Balanjakan: Competition inspired dance where bravery and confidence are promoted
  • Betek Baris: Dance inspired by Dutch soldiers
  • Gendang Belek: Drum beat dance to welcome important visitors to Lombok
  • Kayak Sando: Regional dance done with masks
  • Bau Nyale Festivval: Sea worm festival

Religious Performances in Lombok

  • Rebana QasudahTambourine dance inspired by the spirit of the Islamic education
  • Tandak Mendet: Marching dance to give reverence to the Gods
  • RudatSasak dance with deep cultural roots blending Islamic and Sasak heritage
  • Bajang Girang Dance: Festival for those who intend to marry
  • Cupak Gerantang: All night dance usually performed at wedding receptions
  • Kecimol Dance: Traditional Lombok dance using lutes, mandolins and flutes.

Places for Performing Arts and Culture

  • Lenek Village
  • Masbagik District
  • Pura Lingsar
  • East Lombok
  • Senggigi
  • Mount Rinjani

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When you are heading out for holiday, taking the time to take part in a festival helps build a connection with the place you are. It is one thing to spend time near the sea and another to immerse yourself in what people who live here believe because of the sea.

Additionally, spending time being immersed in the culture of Lombok, may inspire you to come back again and again. Become a part of the festivals and appreciate Lombok in a whole new way. From Kuta to Senggigi, keep these festivals in mind when planning your holiday trip.

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