Snorkeling on Lombok

Update June 2018Please note that this information might be out of date as we haven’t had time to check and rewrite it. To get the latest and best tourism information, please consider staying at Sari Inn where our manager Hamy would be happy to take care of you. Hamy worked for the Lombok Tourism commission for twenty years and drove for the former presidential family. He speaks good English and remains one of the top experts on the area.

In this island paradise take some time out to explore the world around you. Get suited up and enjoy an afternoon of snorkeling. With the myriad of fish you will find here, there is a world of colors changing every moment under the surface of the sea thanks to the schools of fish.

Diving in Lombok offers you a chance to think outside the box. Do not worry about the sounds of what is happening on land. Immerse yourself in another world and let it all go. From crabs, coral and barracuda to old war ships sunk deep into the muck, there is no telling what you will find underwater. Be sure to listen to your guide as some of the areas of Lombok are common for shark sightings.

Some of the top places to snorkel in Lombok are:

  • Gili Trawangan
  • Gili Meno
  • Gili Air
  • Deep Turbo
  • Takat Malang
  • Simon’s reef
  • Japanese Wreck off Gili Air
  • Kuta
  • Sunset Reef
  • Halik Reef
  • Meno Wall
  • Hans Reef
  • Air Wall
  • Shark Point

Some of the top Snorkeling packages include:

Lombok Diving Adventure
Lombok Gili Islands Trip
Gili Islands Dive Trip
Coral Garden Dive Tours
South Lombok Dive

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