Top Pottery Spots in Lombok

Update June 2018Please note that this information might be out of date as we haven’t had time to check and rewrite it. To get the latest and best tourism information, please consider staying at Sari Inn where our manager Hamy would be happy to take care of you. Hamy worked for the Lombok Tourism commission for twenty years and drove for the former presidential family. He speaks good English and remains one of the top experts on the area.

Heading back to a place where time stands still on holiday allows you to see some beautiful local craftsmanship. When everything is not mass produced there is a beauty that only comes from a professional artist who spends hours pouring their heart into their craft.

From vases to tea kettles there are so many things which a skilled artisan can create. Finding one of these items is more than finding a pretty thing. You are finding out about a way of life, you get to meet the craftspeople at the shop and you will have something to remind you of the beauty of your trip for years to come.

Lombok is known for their pottery. To find a stunning piece to take home after this trip visit the following villages:

  • Banyumulek Village
  • Senggigi
  • Mataram

A guide from the following tour groups will be sure to take you to the right vendors:

Kuta and South Lombok Tour
Flores Overland Indonesia
Lombok Holiday Tours

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