Why Kuta, Lombok > Kuta, Bali

Why Kuta, Lombok > Kuta, Bali

When you tell people that you’re going to Kuta they will wish you well, they will wonder if you are going to be surfing and, those in the know will ask you which one? Kuta is the name of two regions within twenty miles of one and another. Kuta, Bali is very different from Kuta, Lombok. If you will be traveling, it is important to know the difference.

Kuta, Bali

Kuta, Bali is a well-known, high traffic area for tourists looking to spend time on the Indian Ocean. This area is right near the airport and has some of the best surfing around. As this is a high tourist area you will find many bars, restaurants and kitschy shops. Kuta, Bali has a growing reputation as one of the best places to party for Australian tourists, backpackers and students.

Kuta in Bali is very congested. As this area has been a tourist spot for decades, many businesses, hotels and attractions have come to the area. Perhaps the influx was too quick for city planners, as a common complaint about Kuta, Bali is that it is congested, dirty and not well organized.

Even with all of the tourism there is still a strong religious aspect to Kuta, Bali. In the mornings you can do yoga on the beach. As you are performing your sun salutation you will see locals throwing offerings into the sea.

Kuta, Lombok

There could not be two places of the same name that were so different. Kuta, Lombok could be referred to as the hidden Kuta. This area retains much of its natural beauty. With white sand beaches, blue-green water and dirt roads that lead to Mount Rinjani National Park, you may feel as if you are in paradise.

Kuta, Lombok is just as fabulous for surfing as Kuta, Bali. Here you will find clean beaches and great surf. There are plenty of surf schools for novices who are looking to take on their first wave. Perhaps it is the love of surfing for the high end traveler which is drawing the luxury accommodations to this Kuta.

As Kuta, Lombok is less densely populated than Kuta, Bali there is plenty of room on the beach. Whether you are here to get in touch with your spiritual side or simply get a tan, these beaches offer visitors an amazing view. Spend a day on Kuta Beach or travel to one of the more secluded bays such as Mawun.

One thing that Kuta, Lombok will always have over Kuta, Bali is Mount Rinjani. When you want to see nature in all her glory, this is your destination. The second largest volcano in Indonesia, Mount Rinjani is currently an active volcano. There has been volcanic activity up to and including a recorded eruption in 2010. When it is deemed safe, visitors can make the trek up the volcano to see the ash, cockatoos, monkeys and Segara Anak crater lake.

Kuta, Lombok > Kuta, Bali

For the traveler looking to fly in, party hard then fly out, Kuta, Bali is your stop. With great surfing, local restaurants, beaches full of new friends to meet, surfing classes, yoga classes and culture everywhere you look, Kuta, Bali is a fine option.

For the high end traveler looking for a bit of paradise then Kuta, Lombok is your destination. This fishing village still harvests cinnamon, vanilla and coffee at the base of its extraordinary volcano. Get away from the hustle and bustle of the every day. Renew your sense of calm, get in touch with nature, surf, do yoga, and enjoy the view at Kuta, Lombok.

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